We offer fully comprehensive insurance for up to 2 drivers within the price of your motorhome hire.  Our insurance company is Liverpool Victoria and they offer, in our opinion,  the best policy and cover for our clients.

However, with this cover, they are also very strict about meeting their requirements to ensure clients are fully covered at all times.  Below we have outlined the process and documentation required to secure insurance for you.

PLEASE NOTE - WE DO NOT ALLOW CLIENTS TO PROVIDE THEIR OWN INSURANCE FOR OUR VEHICLES. We have been asked this in the past when clients have not been in a position to meet the requirements as set out below. 


We are required to carry out a DVLA check for each person to be insured on the vehicles.  The DVLA check allows us to ensure that you hold a full up to date license and  also allows us to ascertain whether you have any penalty points or disqualifications.  (please note that penalty points and previous disqualifications do not necessarily mean that we cannot offer you insurance).  Clients are allowed to have up to two separate penalties of 3 points, anything more than this requires to be referred back to Liverpool Victoria.  Occassionally they may enforce further conditions on the insurance for drivers exceeding these points, or may ask for a larger Motorhome Security Deposit to be taken.

There are two ways to carry out the DVLA check.

1. You provide us with your drivers license number, your national insurance number and your postcode and we run the DVLA check.

2. You can go onto the DVLA website and enter the above information to generate a code.  You provide us with your drivers license number, postcode, and the DVLA code you generated, and we run the DVLA check.



We require to see your drivers licence.  We will retain a picture of it for our records.

You MUST provide a utility bill and one other form of ID from the following :- 

(must be dated within 90 days of the hire commencing)

1. Council tax bill/statement

2. TV/Internet/Landline phone bill (including Virgin/Sky/BT).

3. Bank Statement

4. Credit Card Bill

5. Mortgage Statement.

If your Utility bills/bank statements are paperless we can accept a screenshot of your online account as long as it shows your name, address, date, and recent activity on the account.

please note that documentation relating to insurance policies or mobile phones will  not be accepted.  TV license is also unacceptable, as are letters from banks and utility providers. 

please see below an email received from our insurance company clarifying the above.