Terms and Conditions of hire


These terms and conditions must be agreed to prior to the commencement of the hire. Payment of monies invoiced to you indicates that you agree to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety.  These Terms and Conditions form the basis of the hire contract between you (the customer), and Motor Home From Home Hire Scotland (the company) for the duration of the hire period..


  • The term Customer refers to you and any other drivers
    • Named on the insurance of the vehicle for the duration of the hire
    • Named on the hire agreement
    • Whose credit card is used for payment of the hire costs and/or Motorhome Security Deposit (MSD)
  • The term Hire Company refers to Motor Home From Home Hire Scotland
  • The term Motorhome refers to the vehicle as detailed on the hire agreement, in its entirety, including its contents (or any replacement vehicle deemed appropriate at the hire companys discretion).
  • The term Hire Period refers to the entire time the vehicle is in your care as defined by the dates and times on the hire agreement and insurance documentation, and as specified and confirmed in the confirmation emails sent to the customer upon receipt of the first monies due.
  • The term Hire Agreement refers to the legally binding contract documentation you will receive and sign at the point of collection of the motorhome. If you commit a breach of the hire agreement we reserve the right to cancel the agreement with immediate effect. In this instance The Company will not be held liable for any refunds in part or full, or any costs, expenses or compensation incurred by The Customer including any return travel costs. Changes to The Hire Agreement once it is in place should be submitted in writing and must be agreed and signed by both the Company and the Customer.
  • The term Contents refers to the items within the vehicle – a list can be obtained from the Company.
  • The term Deposit refers to the non-refundable sum of money required to secure your booking.
  • The term Motorhome Security Deposit (herein after referred to as MSD) refers to the sum of money taken at the commencement of the Hire Period which is held by us against any damaged caused by The Customer to The Vehicle during the Hire Period. This will be refunded to you within 14 days of the last date of the Hire Period if the Vehicle is returned to us in a satisfactory condition, as detailed within these Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the MSD section of these Terms and Conditions.  Should damage caused to the motor home exceed the MSD then The Customer will forfeit the MSD and may be liable for any further costs in their entirety.


  • A non refundable deposit of £200 is required to secure your booking. Once paid this will be deducted from the hire cost. Please note if you cancel your booking there is a £200 cancellation fee and the deposit will be used to settle this.  Therefore your deposit is non-refundable once paid. Payment of this deposit secures your chosen dates and the price at which the hire is charged. If we do not receive payment of this deposit within 24 hours we reserve the right to cancel the proposed booking and offer the dates as available to other clients. If you do not pay your deposit within 24 hours we reserve the right to alter the hire costs where applicable. 
  • Once a booking has been made any offers or discounts advertised on our website, social media or other location cannot be applied retrospectively.
  • Payment of your deposit, together with the confirmation email we send you, secures your booking and enters you into a legally binding Hire Contract with Motor Home From Home Hire Scotland.
  • We will email a booking confirmation within 7 days of receipt of your deposit. We will also detail any outstanding balance and payment due date on this email. Failure to pay within the advised timescale may result in your booking being cancelled. In this instance a cancellation fee will apply and your deposit therefore will not be refunded.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all details on the confirmation email are correct, such as dates and times, and that the email reflects the booking you have made with us. You must inform us of any errors or discrepancies within 48 hours of receipt of this email. After this period of time we assume the booking to be correct and it may not be possible to alter it at a later date. If errors on the booking, as per the confirmation email, are not checked by The Customer and not notified to us within 48, and this cause your holiday to be cancelled or altered, the Company will not be liable for any refunds or costs\expenses incurred by the customer.
  • Full and final payment must be made 6 weeks prior to the commencement of your hire. (interim payments may be made prior to this – please notify us of your intention to do this and the amount you wish to pay and an invoice for this will be raised). We reserve the right to cancel bookings if the full balance is not received by this date, and cancellation fees WILL apply.
  • In the week prior to your collection date we will
    • Contact you to gain information to allow us to carry out a DVLA licence check for each driver to be insured, to comply with our Insurance Companies terms and conditions.
    • ask you to submit the necessary forms of ID in advance to ensure their suitability and give you time to locate alternative forms if necessary.
    • Arrange a suitable collection time.
    • Issue an invoice for the Motorhome Security Deposit
  • Hires booked less than 6 weeks prior to the commencement date will be required to pay the hire cost in full.


  • To comply with our insurance company regulations driver must have a full current UK or European drivers license and must have held it for at least 3 years, during which time they must have been actively driving for 2 years. Drivers may have received up to two different three point penalties on their license. (anyone with different penalties on their license should contact us – we may still be able to secure insurance. Any additional costs in arranging this will be passed on to the customer. Please note that an increased MSD cost may apply to these drivers.)
  • All drivers are required to complete a declaration form.
  • Drivers must not have been disqualified in the past
  • Drivers must not have been refused insurance cover in the past
  • All driver to be covered by the insurance must be present at the time of collection of the vehicle. We cannot accept ID if the driver is not present and this will result in them NOT BEING INSURED.
  • Drivers must be between the ages of 25 and 75 at the time of booking and for the duration of the hire period. Drivers from age 23 may be considered by our insurance company but should note that an increased MSD will apply if they are successful in gaining insurance. Additional fees may apply in arranging cover for younger drivers and these costs will be passed on to the Customer.
  • All drivers to be insured are required to produce original driving licence documentation and 2 further forms of ID prior to and at the time of collection of the vehicle.
  • Acceptable forms of ID are as follows and only as follows
    • One form of ID MUST be a utility bill from the following list
      • Gas
      • Electricity
      • Water
      • Landline telephone bill
      • Broadband internet bill
      • Tv supply bill eg sky, virgin etc.
    • The second form of ID can be from the above list but can also include
      • Bank statement
      • Mortgage statement
      • Credit card bill
      • Council tax bill
      • Rent agreement
    • Unacceptable forms of ID include (this list is not exhaustive)
      • Television licence
      • Letters from your bank
      • Pin number notification letters
      • Pension correspondence
      • Any insurance documentation
      • Mobile phone bills
      • Letters from service providers (it must be an actual bill)
      • Gym membership letters
      • Correspondence from your childs school
      • Tax code notification letters
      • Letters from Factors in relation to property.
    • ID must be dated within 90 days of the end of the hire period, and must show your name address and date.
    • Where utilities and bank correspondence are all done paperless and online, we can accept online screenshots, as long as date, name and address are clearly visible. For bank statement and credit card statements etc we must be able to see recent transactions to indicate the account/credit card is current and active. If desired, you may block out the transaction amounts and balances.
    • Failure to produce the correct forms of ID or paperwork prior to/on the day of hire will result in us being unable to release the motorhome to you. No refunds or compensation will be given. If you are unsure at all you MUST contact us.
    • Prior to collection we will contact you to obtain the following for each driver to be insured to allow us to check your drivers licence through DVLA. (UK licence holders only)
      • Driving licence number
      • National insurance number
      • Postcode
    • Alternatively you can access DVLA yourself and obtain a code for us to use. In this instance we require the following from you
      • Driving licence number
      • DVLA single use code.
    • This DVLA check will only be carried out within 24 hours of collection of the vehicle. We require the most up to date information from DVLA to pass onto our insurance company. If this check indicates a problem with your drivers licence YOU WILL NOT BE INSURED. If this results in your hire being cancelled Motorhome From Home Hire Scotland will not be liable for any costs incurred by the customer such as accommodation or travel costs. If your hire is cancelled due to issues with your drivers licence any monies paid, excluding the MSD where applicable, will not be returned to you.
    • Drivers to be insured will be required to fill out a declaration form at the point of collecting the vehicle. Drivers MUST declare anything that could affect their ability to drive the vehicle (such as medical history) or anything that would impact on insuring the vehicle, (such as previous driving bans). You must be of sound health and must not have been advised not to drive by a medical professional.
    • It is the drivers responsibility to ensure that they drive in accordance with British Road Traffic Legislation.
    • Drivers are personally responsible for any charges or penalties/fines incurred during the hire eg parking tickets, speeding fines. You must notify the company immediately should you receive such a fine.





  • Motorhome From Home Hire Scotland authorises the customer to allow passengers in the vehicle. The number of passengers together with their names, addresses, and dates of birth, should be noted on the Hire Agreement. The number of passengers should not exceed the number of seats fitted with safety restraints (seatbelts).
  • It is the customers responsibility to ensure that children required by law to use special booster seats or car seats, due to age, height, weight or ability, do so in accordance with current UK legislation.


  • The cost of insuring the vehicle for 2 drivers on a fully comprehensive basis is included in the hire price. However, this insurance does not cover any personal effects or belongings, internal contents, fixtures and fittings, or equipment added to the hire agreement such as child booster seats and outdoor furniture. It also does not include personal or life insurance for the driver(s), or medical cover for anyone within the hire group. We would advise customers to organise their own insurance at a level to be determined by the customer, at their own expense– as customers will be held liable for any damage or loss to the afore mentioned items.
  • We recommend that customers arrange their own travel and health insurance for all parties in the group at their own expense
  • Any surcharges incurred from our insurance company arising from information supplied on the drivers declaration form which increases the insurance costs for individual drivers will be passed on directly to the customer. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that this information is true and accurate and up to date, as in the event of this information being inaccurate and our insurance cover being subsequently invalidated due to non disclosure of information, the customer will be held responsible for any and all costs incurred as a result.
  • The motorhome will only be insured for the agreed period of hire, as detailed on the hire agreement, and only for the drivers as detailed on the hire agreement. If you are going to be late in returning the vehicle you must notify us immediately in order that we can contact our insurance company to extend the insurance cover. Any costs arising from this will be deducted from the MSD. Driving the vehicle out with the agreed return times will result in you driving without insurance. This is against UK road traffic laws and is a prosecutable offence.  As a company we are required to report this offence. You will also be held fully liable for any and all costs relating to loss, damage, theft or injury during this uninsured period.
  • Our insurance excess is £1000. It is a condition of the insurance that the customer pay the MSD of £1000 prior to collection of the vehicle and the commencement of the hire period. Please refer to the Motorhome Security Deposit section of these terms and conditions for more information.
  • Should an incident occur that is the fault of a third party we will try to reclaim the insurance excess from them. In order for us to do this you must supply us with the following information. Regardless of who is at fault, in the even of an accident you must obtain:-
    • Drivers name
    • Drivers date of birth
    • Drivers address
    • Third party vehicle make and model including colour.
    • Third party vehicle licence plate number
    • Date, time and location of incident.
    • Pictures of damage to the motorhome and third party vehicle(s)
    • Attending police officers name and number OR
    • Police station the incident was reported to including date and time, and the officers name and number who took the report from you.
    • Name, address and date of birth of any witnesses, including their vehicle licence plate number if applicable.
  • Failure to supply the above information will result in us being unable to claim the insurance excess from the third party and therefore we will be unable to refund this to you.
  • Where the above information is supplied to us, we will actively pursue the third party – if they are at fault – to reclaim the excess from them. We will retain your £1000 MSD for the duration of the claim, and if successful, we will refund your MSD once the claim is settled in full by the insurance companies and repairs to the vehicle complete.
  • In the event of an accident/incident Customers must not make any admitions of liability, offer settlements, or make any other offers to third parties involved.
  • Please note that the following items are not included in our insurance cover. Any damage incurred and costs associated will be the responsibility of the customer and will be deducted from the MSD.
    • Accidental damage caused to the interior, such as staining/tears/burns etc to the interior seats, carpets, tabletops and worktops, and beds.
    • Damage caused to the kitchen equipment and contents i.e. blinds and flyscreens, hob, oven, microwave and fridge, kettle and toaster, including breakages caused to the glass/ceramic hob cover, where fitted. This list is not exhaustive, and all items as detailed in the inventory and that are supplied within the motorhome for the hire period, are included in this exclusion. These items would cost less than our excess to repair/replace and therefore should damage occur the cost will be deducted from the MSD.
    • Loss, theft or damage to the TV, Sat Nav, radio, aerial etc.
    • Personal effects
    • Damage to the bumpers, side skirts, wing mirror and casing, rear and front lights – again if the cost of these repairs are less than the vehicle excess the cost of repair will be deducted from the MSD.
    • The cost of recovering the motorhome from soggy boggy surfaces, and damage caused to the vehicle in doing this.
    • Replacement keys due to loss, theft or damage or locking them in the vehicle.
  • In the event of an insurance claim you must co-operate fully with our insurance company and any lawyers\professionals as deemed necessary, providing any paperwork or assistance requested. In the event that the insurance is invalidated due to non cooperation and non disclosure or inaccurate reporting of facts or any other fault on the customers side, the customer will be fully liable for, and the company shall be indemnified from, (where applicable), all losses or expenses, fines, damages and costs you or we incur.
  • Our insurance covers you for travel within Europe. It does not include life cover or health cover. We recommend you arrange this at your own expense prior to setting off.

Breakdown cover

  • UK breakdown cover is included within the cost of the hire.
  • European cover is NOT included in the cost of the hire. If you plan to travel to Europe please notify us and we will arrange suitable cover. The cost of this will be passed directly to the customer.
  • Our vehicles are regularly and thoroughly maintained and inspected before and after each hire to ensure they are roadworthy and supplied to you in good working order, however, breakdowns do occur. Our vehicles are full covered for roadside assistance and if necessary, recovery. Please note that recovery will be back to the company address.
  • In the event of a breakdown please contact us using the telephone numbers in the welcome pack within the vehicle, and we will arrange recovery. Our breakdown provider will try to fix the issue on site, however, if necessary the vehicle will be recovered.
  • We will not be liable for any costs or losses incurred by the customer resulting from a breakdown, or subsequent recover, such as accommodation, alternative travel costs, missed booking costs at campsites etc, or costs resulting once you have been recovered to our address, such as accommodation and travel.
  • Customers may authorise repairs to the vehicle in the even of complete breakdown up to the value of £100. This must however be agreed with the Company first. This will be reimburse to you on return of the vehicle provided you have a VAT receipt for the repair.
  • Should the damage/cause of breakdown be deemed by a professional to be caused by negligence or misuse on the Customers part, then the customer will be held liable for the entire cost or repair.
  • Should an onboard system breakdown, eg heating, we will do our utmost to remedy the situation, however, in rare circumstances it may not be possible. Should this be the case we will not refund any monies or offer any compensation for a loss of service. If the system breakdown is deemed by a professional to be caused by negligence or misuse on the Customers part, then the customer will be held liable for the entire cost or repair.
  • Accidents and breakdowns must be reported to us immediate, and no more than 12 hours after the event.
  • In the event of a breakdown, following recovery, if we have another vehicle available we will aim to provide this to allow you to finish your holiday. However, this cannot be guaranteed, and would be done as a goodwill gesture. We have no obligation to provide you with another vehicle if one is not available.


  • Please allow up to 1 hour when you collect the motorhome to allow the necessary paperwork to be completed and to allow a detailed and thorough handover of the vehicle to take place.
  • Motorhomes can be collected from 2pm on the agreed date. Insurance policies will commence at this time. Earlier collections times may be agreed in advance, and will be at the discretion of the Company. Additional charges may apply.
  • No refunds will be made for later collection times.
  • A representative from our company will go around the vehicle with you to ensure you are happy with cleanliness and also to complete a damage log where necessary.
  • You will be shown fully how to use all aspects of the vehicle. You will also be given an instruction manual for the vehicle.
  • Customers cars left at the location of the vehicle handover are done so at their own risk. We accept no liability for damage/loss to the vehicle for the duration of the hire period.
  • During the hire period it is your sole responsibility to ensure the vehicle remains in a safe driving condition – eg flat tyres, tyre pressure, oil and water levels etc.
  • The motorhome will be supplied to you with a full tank of fuel. It must be returned to us with a full tank of fuel. PLEASE NOTE THE FUEL TYPE REQUIRED BY THE VEHICLE IS DIESEL. You will be held liable for any costs resulting in you filling the tank with the wrong type of fuel. If the vehicle is not returned to us with a full tank of fuel the cost of refilling will be deducted from the MSD prior to refunding, and will be charged at £2.50 per litre of fuel to cover mileage costs and staff time.


  • Motorhomes must be returned between the hours of 9.30 am and 11 am on the agreed date. If you wish to return the vehicle earlier than this please notify us in advance.
  • No refunds will be given for hires returned earlier than the agreed date/time.
  • Failure to return the vehicle by the agreed time will incur late charges of £100 per hour or part hour. You should allow yourself plenty of time for the return journey to ensure the motorhome is returned on time and no late charges are incurred. Please take into account weather conditions and traffic congestion in high season etc.
  • When you return the vehicle you will asked if any damaged occurred and given the opportunity to walk round the vehicle with our representative.
  • Your insurance will expire at the agreed drop off time. After this, should you still be in possession of the motorhome, you will be driving without insurance. This can result in prosecution. If you are going to be late you MUST notify us immediately by telephone in order that we can extend the insurance cover. You will incur additional charges for this extension which will be deducted from the MSD prior to refunding. In the event that returning a vehicle late without prior consent impacts on the following hire, then compensation for the affected party may be deducted from the MSD.
  • Please return the vehicle with a full tank of DIESEL.
  • Once returned to us, we will check the entire vehicle for cleanliness and damage, shortages and breakages, and fuel. We will also inspect any additional equipment included within the hire.
  • Please note we do not permit smoking within the vehicle. If a vehicle is returned smelling of smoke a cleaning cost will be deducted from the MSD, so would advise than any customers wishing to smoke do so far away from the vehicle doors and windows.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure no damage occurs to the bike rack, whether using it or not. The cost to repair any damage caused through carelessness when using the bike rack to either bike rack itself or the vehicle bodywork (dents, scratches etc), will be passed onto the customer.
  • Motorhomes must be returned in the same condition you receive them. Failure to do so will result in charges being applied and deducted from the MSD.
  • The company will have no obligation to refund monies or provide substitute vehicles or equipment should the customer return the motorhome prior to the agreed return date on the Hire Agreement for any reason e.g. weather, accident, ill health, theft or damage.




  • Upon return of the vehicle clients will be given the opportunity to inform us of and show us any damage caused during the hire period. It is the customers responsibility to inform us of such damage.
  • Customers remain liable for damage caused during their hire period whether they notify us of it or not.
  • Existing damage will be pointed out to the customer at the point of collecting the vehicle and noted on a damage log. Customers will be asked to sign the log, but even if it is unsigned, the damage log forms part of the hire agreement and contract. The customer will be deemed liable for any and all damage caused after this log has been completed and the vehicle hire commences.
  • Our representatives will thoroughly inspect the vehicle upon its return and throughout the cleaning process – any damage noted will be logged photographically, and the customer will receive a copy of this evidence. We reserve the right to inform you of damage noted during the cleaning process for up to 14 days following return of the vehicle.
  • We will forward any damaged vehicles to our approved rimor repair centre and seek verbal estimates for these repairs as soon as possible, however we will not cancel or delay subsequent hires. We will retain the Motorhome Security Deposit until such times as we have a gap in hires and are able to obtain an estimate.
  • To maintain the vehicle warranty, only the approved rimor repair centre will be used.
  • Upon receipt of this verbal estimate we will notify the customer of the damage and the associated repair costs, together with any additional deductions from the MSD.
  • Customers will be also be charged 42p per mile plus associated fuel costs for obtaining this estimate. In order to keep costs to a minimum we do not ask for a written estimate. Should a customer require this it will be chargeable directly to the customer. The swift approved repair centre charge £57 per hour to inspect and compile written estimates.
  • No second estimate will be obtained. Rimor repair centres use the same pricing structure and we would not approach an unapproved repairer.
  • Where the cost of the repair is less than £1000 we would deduct this and any other costs from the MSD and refund the balance. We reserve the right to hold the MSD for longer than 14 days in the even that obtaining an estimate will take longer than this period of time, due to subsequent hire commitments and/or availability of the repair centre.
  • We reserve the right to retain the MSD until the repair has been completed.
  • Where the repair is more than £1000 we will retain the entire MSD.
  • The repair will be scheduled to be carried as soon as possible.
  • The company do not profit from repairs at the expense of the customer, all repair costs are passed on without addition. Fuel and mileage charges do however apply.
  • It is not the Companies policy to obtain written estimates, to obtain second estimates, or to inform the customer of the repair timescale or location.


Motorhome From Home Hire Scotland retain the title of the Motorhome and contents for the duration of the hire agreement.

  • The Customer is strictly forbidden from
    • Subletting\hiring the motorhome to a third party
    • Lending the motorhome to a third party
    • Pledging the motorhome to a third party
    • Using the motorhome for deposit purposes
    • Using the motorhome for anything other than leisure
  • By signing the Hire Agreement, and forming part of the contract, the customer agrees that they will ensure that he motorhome will not be
    • Driven in a manner that is not prudent and sensible, and that they will drive in accordance with UK road traffic laws.
    • Driven by any person not named on the insurance documentation
    • Driven by any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • Driven or parked in a prohibited area
    • Driven or used in any way or to a location where damage will occur.
    • Left with the key in the ignition other than when the vehicle is being driven (either locked or unlocked, occupied or unoccupied)
    • Used to tow any other vehicles
    • Used to carry passengers for reward
    • Used for illegal purposes
    • Used for purposes which it is not intended
    • Used for business purposes
    • Used for any reason other than recreation
    • Used to rally or race in a similar way
    • Altered in any way.


  • Within the instruction manual you will find a note of the height, width, and length of the vehicle. Please be aware of this at all times.
  • At the time of collection you will be shown this and asked to sign documentation confirming you have been made aware. All drivers must be aware of the vehicle dimensions and are responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is not placed at risk of damage if driven under an obstruction that is too low for it to clear – exampled being low bridges, height restriction barriers, trees, signs etc. In the event of such damage occurring, should the repair bill be less than our £1000 excess, the cost will be deducted from the MSD. Should the repair exceed £1000 the entire MSD will be retained.


  • One full and one part-full gas cylinder are supplied with the vehicle at the time of collection. This should be ample for the duration of the hire. However, should you run out of gas COMPLETELY please exchange ONE cylinder only for a refill at a garage or campsite. Please make sure you exchange for a 6KG bottle of Calor gas propane. Please retain the VAT receipt and we will reimburse you when we return your MSD. Please note we will not reimburse you for the purchase of a new gas cylinder, only a refill. Without the receipt we are unable to reimburse you at all.
  • Vehicles must be returned with 2 gas cylinders, empty or otherwise. If the vehicle is returned with less than 2 gas canisters, £100 per missing gas canister will be deducted from the MSD.


  • Prior to commencement of your hire, the motorhome and equipment therein will have been thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and sanitized. Please return the vehicle in a similar condition.
  • If you are not happy with any aspect of the cleanliness of the vehicle please inform us at the point of collection. Once a hire commences it is assumed you are happy with the vehicle.
  • If a vehicle is returned to us in a less than reasonably clean state, cleaning costs will be deducted from the MSD.
  • You are not required to wash the vehicle externally, wash towels, or strip and wash bedding.
  • Please only use cleaning materials suitable for the surface type you are cleaning. (Our toilets are plastic and bleach will damage them.) the cost of repair/replacement to any area of surface, internally or externally, damaged by misuse of cleaning products, will be deducted from the Motorhome Security Deposit.
  • Please ensure toilet cassette is completely emptied, cleaned, and returned to us with a small amount of blue chemical and water (provided). Please remember we do not have facilities at the drop off point for disposal of cassette contents and cleaning thereafter.


  • The motorhome security deposit is retained by us against any damage or breakages during the hire period.
  • The motorhome security deposit (MSD) is £1000
  • The MSD will be returned in full within 14 days of the last date of hire if no damage or breakages are noted and fuel tank is full.
  • The MSD must be paid on either a credit card, bank chip and pin card, or via bank transfer. Cash is unacceptable as this payment must be fully traceable to secure insurance cover.
  • If you do not pay the MSD we cannot secure insurance and therefore cannot release the vehicle to you.
  • The MSD must be paid prior to collection of the vehicle.
  • If the cost of repair to damage noted to the vehicle upon its return is less than £1000, it will be deducted from the MSD. We aim to refund the MSD balance as soon as we receive an estimate from our repair centre, however we reserve the right, when damage has occurred, to retain the entire MSD until repairs have been carried out.
  • If the cost of repair to damage noted to the vehicle upon its return exceeds £1000, and is covered by our insurance policy, we will retain the entire MSD.
  • If the cost of repair to damage noted to the vehicle upon its return exceeds £1000, and is not covered by our insurance policy, we will retain the entire MSD and seek to recover the balance of the repairs from the Customer.


Whilst this list is not exhaustive in any way, it is a representation of the costs you will incur should the motorhome not be returned in the manner you receive it.

  • Failure to empty and clean the toilet cassette £100
  • Failure to clean spillage from toilet cassette £50
  • Shower and toilet areas and toilet bowl not cleaned £50
  • Cooker hob/oven/microwave not cleaned £50
  • Fridge freezer not emptied and cleaned £50
  • Cupboards not emptied £35
  • Missing bas cylinder – per cylinder £100
  • Fuel not full – per litre (minimum charge £30) £2.50
  • Floor noted to be excessively dirty £30
  • Failure to empty waste water £30
  • Mess/hair from animals £30
  • Smell of smoke or animals within the vehicle £200


  • Dogs are permitted within the motorhome.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that seats are covered to prevent dog hair/muddy paws leaving marks.
  • Dog hair etc must be removed from the vehicle prior to its return, (refer to MSD section above)


  • Cancellations must be notified to us in advance in writing.
  • Cancellation charges/fees apply as follows
  • More than 6 weeks prior to hire commencement date
    • £200 cancellation fee
  • Less than 6 weeks prior to hire commencement date
    • 50% of the hire cost cancellation fee
  • Less than 1 week prior to hire commencement date
    • 75% of the hire cost cancellation fee.
    • This includes cancellation resulting from failure to provide adequate ID or meet insurance requirements.




  • It may be possible to alter dates on a booking. This includes clients who have been unable to provide adequate ID or a valid drivers licence to meet insurance requirements.
  • Costs associated with this are as follows
    • Changing dates within 48 hours of receiving confirmation email no fee
    • Changing dates up to 6 weeks prior to hire £25 fee
    • Changing dates up to 2 weeks prior to hire                                                                                                                                £50 fee
    • Changing dates less than 2 weeks from hire £100 fee
  • Alternative dates are subject to availability.
  • Refunds will be subject to Paypal fees.
  • Where an alternative date has a higher tariff, the difference will be chargeable to the client.
  • Where an alternative date has a lower tariff, no refunds will be given unless change is indicated to us prior to 6 weeks before hire date.
  • The new hire dates will not be confirmed until any further monies due, along with any fees due as detailed above, have been paid.
  • Date changes are at the discretion of the Company.


  • The customer agrees to pay all and any charges arising as detailed in these terms and conditions on demand. Failure to do so will result in a surcharge of 2% per month being added to the outstanding fees, and the customer will be liable for any costs relating to the collection of these monies
  • The customer agrees to the company deducting any fees deemed appropriate from the MSD as detailed in these terms and conditions. The company will supply a detailed list, and photographic evidence where appropriate, of the deductions to be made.
  • In the event of the customer being more than 1 person, the obligations and deductions will be retained from the person who paid the MSD. For costs exceeding the MSD then each person will be jointly and severally liable for all costs over and above £1000.
  • In the event of the customer being more than 1 person, each person will be jointly and severally liable for all obligations of the customer.


  • Motorhome From Home Hire Scotland reserve the right to terminate the Hire Agreement and/or repossess the motorhome without prior consent if
    • The customer breaches any of the terms of the hire agreement
    • The vehicle is left unattended for a length of time and appears to be abandoned
    • The customer has fraudulently obtained use of the motorhome and/or insurance
    • The motorhome is not returned to us on the date as agreed.
    • The company deems the motorhome and/or its occupants are in danger.
  • In the event of such termination the company accepts no liability for any costs, expenses or likewise, incurred by the customer and their passengers, and no refund of any part of the hire charges or the MSD will be given. The customer will be liable for any costs incurred by the company in order to carry out this repossession.


  • The vehicle insurance does not cover your personal possessions. Please arrange your own insurance for this.
  • We, the company y, will not be held liable for any possessions left in the motorhome, recover vehicles, replacement vehicles, (if applicable), business premises, or other locations at any time prior to, during, or after the hire period.


While we do our best to ensure that motorhomes are available and ready for each hire, there can be very extenuating circumstances preventing this. In this instance we will in no way be held responsible or liable. We will aim to provide a similar vehicle, but in the even we cannot do this, we will refund all monies previously paid by the customer. We will in no way be held liable for any costs or expenses incurred by the customer in this instance, e.g. hotel rooms, travel expenses etc.


All information supplied to us to complete this Hire Agreement Contract will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act.  Information will not be passed to third party organisations, with the exception of our insurance company and the police in the event of an accident etc.


We reserve the right to change our tariff, terms and conditions without notice at any time, and to cancel or refuse hires to person without explanation or warning.